Optometry Services

For coverage information please visit our OHIP page.

Eyewear Solutions

We provide a wide variety of designer and non-designer frames, including Ray-Ban®, Coach®, Kate Spade®, Nike®, Harley-Davidson®, Bolle®, Serengeti®, and many more.

We carry prescription and non-prescription glasses, including:

  • Single-vision lenses (reading, computer, or distance)
  • Bifocals (lined or invisible)
  • Progressives
  • Work safety glasses (CSA certified)
  • Non-prescription sunglasses

Specialty lenses including:

  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Transitions or other tinted lenses
  • Office lenses (computer)
  • Night driving glasses

Sports lenses including:

  • Prescription golf glasses
  • Prescription snorkeling masks
  • Prescription swim goggles
  • General sport prescription safety glasses

Full Eye Examination

full eye exams

A full eye exam includes comprehensive vision testing to determine your current prescription for glasses, and a thorough eye health check including diagnostic tests for glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Exams for Children

Children as young as six months of age can be tested. The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that all children have a screening test by the age of three years. Children do not need to read the eye charts or verbally respond during the exam.

Reminder: children nineteen and under are covered for one full exam every twelve months through OHIP.

Contact Lens Examination

Please visit our Contact Lenses page.

Laser Correction

As an affiliate of the The Laser Centre (TLC), we offer services to determine if you are a candidate for laser correction. Upon qualifying for the procedure we provide pre- and post-op care. For more information on laser corrective procedures, please visit TLC.

Specialty Examinations

specialty eye exams

Ministry of Transportation (MTO)

On occasion the Ministry of Transportation requires forms to be completed by a Licensed Optometrist to renew and/or reinstate an Ontario driver’s license. We happily provide visual acuity and confrontation visual fields for these purposes.

Indian Affairs

Individuals with valid status cards are covered for a portion of a full examination every 24 months. We are enrolled with the First Nations and Inuit Health to provide these services.

Occupational Exams

Whether you are applying for a position that has vision requirements or are working in a field that requires you to maintain certain vision standards, we can provide you with the testing and documentation that you need. Example occupations with vision standards include pilots, professional drivers, military, police officers, and firefighters.

RCMP Health Identification Cards accepted

VAC (Veteran) Health Identification Cards accepted

Retinal Examinations

We provide dilated retinal examinations with optional retinal photography to assess for retinal holes and tears, as required by many professional sporting organizations, such as boxing, MMA, and other combat sports.